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Memory-like PuNK Cells

The Right Cells

NK Cell and Cancer Cell synapse LONG.png

Memory-like PuNK cells are a novel form of Natural Killer cell with enhanced kill and memory properties highly suited to the treatment of cancer. In addition to the enhanced innate tumor cell killing capability of these cells, the memory phenotype includes the capacity for long term in vivo persistence and in vivo proliferation upon re-stimulation.


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Highly Active

Memory-like PuNK cells have enhanced anti-tumor function compared to conventional NK cells. This comes from an upregulation of key activating receptors.

Proliferation & Persistence

Unlike conventional NK cells, Memory-like PuNK cells have the ability to proliferate in the patient’s body and to persist for long periods of time.

Well Tolerated 

Clinical trials to date have shown that Memory-like PuNK cells have a low or absent risk of cytokine release syndrome (CRS), neurotoxicity or graft versus host disease (GvHD).

Broad Spectrum

Memory-like PuNK Cells have potential applicability across a wide range of malignancies including myeloid leukemias and a wide range of solid cancers.

Clinical Validation

Monotherapy treatment with non-engineered Memory-like NK cells has already been shown to have clinical efficacy in early clinical trials (see the clinical trial paper HERE ). Engineering Memory Like PuNK Cells (see our EVE16 Engineering) and/or combining them with antibodies or other NK cell engagers, has the potential to further enhance that efficacy.

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